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2016 National Electric Cast, the First Photovoltaic Components Purchase Announcement, Monocrystalline

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Recently, China's largest photovoltaic power plant investor - State Power Investment Group issued a "Two Thousand and Sixteen Year Sixteenth Bidding (first photovoltaic equipment) Tender Notice". The announcement details the first national CPI 2016 batch for 31 tenders of photovoltaic components purchase quantity and index. The monocrystalline components with 260MW amount purchased go strongly into finalists, occupying 37.54% of the first total purchase amount. Energy trend had predicted monocrystalline ratio will be increased to 25% from 15% by 2016, the national CPI tenders confirmed the growth trend, and if current trends continue, the growth proportion of monocrystalline is not impossible.


From the tender index, it is required the higher power requirements of monocrystalline. All should adopt 72 highly efficient components with 320 ~ 330w, the advantages of high efficiency monocrystalline are intensive highlighted. In addition, also requirements such as processing equipment, process, technology, capacity, size and other aspects are put forward. The products are required progressive and representative in the industry, excellent product performance are also required in this tender.


State Power Investment Corporation (referred to as the national CPI) is approved by the State Council, and is a large state-owned enterprises merged and set up by the China Power Investment Corporation and the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, with registered capital of 45 billion yuan and total assets of 722.3 billion yuan. Photovoltaic solar energy installed capacity is more than 4GW accounting for about 10% in the market of China. It is currently China's largest photovoltaic power plant investors, it regarding the choice of single crystal, undoubtedly for monocrystalline photovoltaic power plant investors who are still in a wait state on monocrystalline give them stronger confidence.


It should be noted this is not the first large power groups to explicitly require the use of monocrystalline component products. CLP Power Station has long history of using monocrystalline; CGN gradually released a giant order with GW l evel in the late last year. Initially, monocrystalline is not considered, but now has been developed as equal bidding for monocrystal and polycrystalline, requiring conversion rate of monocrystalline component greater than 17%.  Another Power Group - Huaneng last year began its business of monocrystalline, Jingbian Huaneng, Huaneng Laiwu, Boshan Huaneng and other projects have launched demanding on monocrystalline components. China Minsheng Investment has said publicly that the investment and construction of photovoltaic power station project in this year, monocrystalline components increased from 30% last year to 60%. The President of Zhongmin new energy, Hanqing Hao, said" the monocrystalline in the next five years will replace the polycrystalline."


Soon after the prediction, the demand of other power groups for monocrystallinel will also be gradually revealed, the general tendency is to return to monocrystalline silicon.


Article source: century new energy grid (revised)

general tendency is to return to monocrystalline silicon.


Article source: century new energy grid (revised)