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Distributed Photovoltaic Tendency in the Next Five Years, Monocrystalline or Will Lead Efficient Component Selection

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 Recently, China "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan (draft)" was published during the two sessions. The development of new energy sources, particularly the development of distributed new energy, was written in the draft. The Clause [24] expressly points out "accelerate the development of distributed wind power and distributed photovoltaic generation in the mid-eastern and southern regions." According to photovoltaic in the 13th Five Year plan draft released by the previous National Energy Board, the draft shows distributed type in the 13th Five Year Plan can reach 70GW.


 Since 2011 Qinghai 930, China''s photovoltaic industry has shown explosive growth. The cumulative installed capacity is less than 1GW in 2011, while expanding and reaching 43GW in 2015 to become the world''s first. With the occurrence of the western brownout conditions, the contradiction of supply and demand imbalance in installed centralized areas has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, a number of experts evaluated the rapid growth and barbaric growth.


 But at the same time, we see that China''s green development has become the main theme. During thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, photovoltaic and wind power are still high expectations and distributed photovoltaic planning will reach a record of 70GW, ground station with 80GW, total of 150GW.


According to the latest data from the National Grid announced on March 12, 2016 shows: the number of distributed photovoltaic grid connection in business area of national grid company geographically increase rapidly, 15691 new users, 2.08GW, cumulative grid connection 22627, year-on-year growth of 226%, the cumulative grid connection capacity 4.73GW, year-on-year growth of 78%. From this we can see that China''s photovoltaic market mainly is still the ground station, and the installed capacity of distributed is less than 5GW. By 2020, distributed market will add 65GW, and the ground station will add 42GW.


 National Energy Board "Thirteenth Five-Year plan for solar" defines clearly to promote comprehensively the distributed photovoltaic power generation in several directions: to promote the open construction of distributed generation systems in areas equipped with sites, resources, the nearest access, local consumptive conditions and other construction areas, to form a diversified use of distributed photovoltaic market. Across the nationwide, we should focus on the distributed rooftop photovoltaic system which replies on large industrial parks, economic development zones, public facilities, residential, etc. and make full use of qualified agricultural facilities, unused space and other to expand the scope of use, and gradually promote BIPV integration project. Explore new business utilization model such as mobile platforms photovoltaic systems and solar powered mobile base stations.

 Focus on increasing to construct 50 new single national distributed photovoltaic demonstration zones in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and other coastal provinces and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The scale of each zone is not less than 100MW, total 5GW;

2.Encourage to construct 500 single provincial distributed scale photovoltaic demonstration zones, and the scale of each zone is not less than 50MW, total 10GW;

3.To promote and construct 100 photovoltaic villages in more developed rural economy area such as Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong and other areas;

4.To accelerate the implementation of photovoltaic for poverty alleviation projects in eligible poor areas and strive to cover poor families to make the scale of poverty reach 5GW;

5.Explore further to promote Building Integrated Photovoltaic, mobile photovoltaic power generation systems and other new technology market in the eastern regions, and the cumulative size reaches 2GW.


Premier Li Keqiang recently pointed out, "Thirteenth Five" period is a decisive stage of completion of a comprehensive well-off society, but also is a critical period to span the "middle income trap". We are faced with both rare and many strategic opportunities, but also challenges with multiple contradictions. We must firmly grasp the development of top priority, fully implement the innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept so that distributed photovoltaic industry will usher in better opportunities.


Regarding selection of component of distributed power station, since the photovoltaic components save more land space and EPC costs on installed so it has a more prominent advantage on the precious land resources in eastern and distributed photovoltaic power generation project.On the other hand, the cost of photovoltaic generation is also declining. The current cost of electricity has been close to flat with polycrystalline, so there is more room for price cuts in the future .


Source: soapy photovoltaic network