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Kazakhstan completed the first photovoltaic power station, using the mono-crystalline system

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On March 11, 2016, the first photovoltaic power plant of Kazakhstan was completed.


It is known as that the photovoltaic power plant with a total capacity of 2MW, is the first solar power station of Kazakhstan, located in Kazakhstan, Almaty Province Kapchagay city, and is run by Samruk-Green Energy. The photovoltaic system is consisted of two parts. The fixed bracket is adopted to install 1400kW mono-crystalline photovoltaic systems in the Eastern. 61 solar tracking brackets are installed in the Northwestern and the installed capacity is 600kW.



Kazakhstan has a huge potential in the field of solar energy, the annual number of days of sunshine over the Southeast is more than 300 days. The project photovoltaic system supplier, CEO of Bisol Group, said: "for nearly two years, the investment of solar field shows great potential, 2MW PV project is one of the first batch photovoltaic project in Kazakhstan. At the same time, the construction of photovoltaic systems also means that the use of solar energy in the world''s most resource-rich countries. "



Kazakhstan belongs to the Central Asian landlocked region, is rich in solar energy resources and with high temperatures. Mono-crystalline and polycrystalline temperature coefficients are similar, but the actual operating temperature is 5-10 ℃ lower than polycrystalline system (refer Qinghai actual generation data), the actual output of mono-crystalline system only affecting by working temperature is 2% higher than the output of polycrystalline system. Thus, in the high temperature region, the mono-crystalline has more advantages. With the rise of emerging photovoltaic markets in Central Asia, mono-crystalline will be a better choice.

Source: Kazakhstan global zero distance WeChat public platform