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LERRI Solar Signed Strategic Collaboration Agreements with Xinte Energy, 200MW Mono Crystal Components Will be Supplied in 2016

Release time:2016-02-26 Print Font size:TT

On February 26, LONGi Shares as well as its LERRI Solar Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as LERRI Solar) signed strategic collaboration agreements in Xinjiang with Xinte Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Xinte Energy). In the next 3 years, the two sides will focus on solar photovoltaic industry and complement comprehensive strategic cooperation and develop the solar market together, like polysilicon supply, mono-crystalline module procurement, photovoltaic power plant's designing and consulting, construction materials’ (including inverter, SVG, etc. ) supply, EPC total package construction and so on.


According to the agreement, in 2016, Xinte Energy as well as its subsidiaries should purchase no less than 200MW mono crystal components from LERRI Solar and its subsidiaries in the photovoltaic power station or components procurement authority of EPC project. and with the growth of the business, in the year of 2017 and 2018, the increase in the amount of purchases should no less than 30%. At the same time, LONGi Shares will take Xinte Energy and its subsidiaries as qualified suppliers. They will also establish comprehensive cooperation in terms of polysilicon, inverters and other products.


This is not their first cooperation. In March 2015, TEBA and LONGi Shares reached a strategic cooperation partnership and opened up a great cooperation journey. Last year, LERRI Solar achieved smoothly supply for the mono crystal power station of TEBA in Hami. The quality spot-checking of modules are over expected and far more than other suppliers. Customer value oriented service conception gain the recognition of TEBA and Xinte Energy, thus the two sides established more determined cooperative relations, and the future cooperation will be more comprehensive, frequent and close. With the deepening cooperation between the two sides, Xinte Energy will actively assist the LERRI Solar to explore mono crystal market, to jointly promote the increase market share of the mono crystal power station, promote the reduction in energy costs.



Xinte Energy is a subsidiary of TEBA Sun oasis Co., Ltd. It has been committed to become new energy industry system and green intelligent solutions provider. In December 2015, it was successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. LERRI Solar is committed to research, produce and supply the efficient monocrystalline cells and components. It is expected that the production of the mono crystal components will reach in 5GW in 2016. With the widely use of PERC technology, the advantages of LERRI Solar’s efficient components will be further expanded this year.