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LERRI Solar: Practice the Concept of Environmental Protection by Using High Efficient Mono Crystalline

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LERRI Solar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and Headquarters in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. It is the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Xi'an LONGi Silicon Materials Corporation, one of the biggest mono crystal silicon photovoltaic products manufacturers, who focus on research, production and marketing on high efficient mono crystalline cells and components. Its manufacturing bases locate in Quzhou, Taizhou and Hefei. LERRI Solar Company adheres to high reliable, high efficient mono crystal technology, accelerates the photovoltaic power generation to subsidize, and popularizes the application of clean energy.
LERRI Solar has been taken environmental protection as its responsibility and committed to the development of clean energy. In 2015, its total order of mono crystal modules surpasses 1GW and the mono crystal shipment ranked first in the country. According to the installed numbers of the mono crystal modules in 2015, it can produce 1.37 billion kilowatt-hours' clean electricity per year on average. Compared with the current coal-fired power plant, whose coal consumption standard is 330g/kwh and water consumption standard is 3.1 liters/kwh, the 1GW mono crystal power station can save 450,000 tons of standard coals and 423,000 tons of water. Meanwhile, it can also save the permanent land and ash storage used land for constructing the coal-fired power plants. Compared with the thermal power, 1GW mono crystal power station can reduce 980 tons soot emissions, 7845 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 12,000 tons of nitrogen oxide emission, 108 tons of carbon dioxide, 165,000 tons of ash.



Photovoltaic power generation project not only can reduce the resources exploitation and environmental pollution, but also has the significant function of maintaining the ecological environment. Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science points out that in shallow soil, the inside and outside soil daily temperature have a clear difference. The maximum difference can reach 9.7 ℃. The inside oil temperature is significantly lower than outside. Photovoltaic modules device has significant thermal insulation effect. Besides distributed project, most large photovoltaic power stations in our country are established in the northwest region. These areas have little precipitation, large temperature difference between day and night, strong evaporation, and large desert areas. Photovoltaic power station needs to install large areas of component arrays. and these component arrays should be laid in the vertical direction with direct sunlight so that to maximally prevent the sun shining the surface, thus it can reduce the moisture evaporation. In the power plant’s operations, component arrays need regular cleaning so that to enables the local surface accepts adding water regularly. With water nourish, vegetation is easy to grow, and the greening level of the power station development area would improve greatly. Take the Zhongwei area of Ningxia province as example, before the building of photovoltaic power station, the deserted white land cannot grow grass. But after 2 years when the power station built up, some weeds have grown up, and the water conservation function of the power station can also be effective to regulate regional ecological environment, and further improve and control the dust weather in desert region.



LERRI Solar Company is committed to environmental protection and is deeply concerned with social issues. It takes efforts to promote the development of the clean energy environmental protection career. At the same time, it does not forget to active in welfare activities and contribute to the society. On December 4th, 2015, LERRI Solar Company actively joined public art project “red bag” launched by singer Han Hong. It donated guitar, audio-visual equipment, bags and other goods to the children in remote and poor areas in the hope that they can get in touch with music, art and other different fields of knowledge and live a more healthy growth. As the sales director Hongyan Guo of LERRI Solar said at the launch event, “LERRI do sunshine careers, and children are our future of sunshine, to let more children live under the sunshine, get good education and care is our enterprises’effort direction”.


It gains when it pains. In 2015, LERRI Solar Company jumped into people's field of vision like a dark horse. It won the recognition of the industry through professional products and excellent service. Just in 2015, it got a number of awards, like "Independent Innovation Award" and "Potential Award" of 2015 global new energy enterprises, 2015 "Asian Photovoltaic Enterprise Innovation Award", 2015 "Light Cup" CREC photovoltaic industry "Outstanding Enterprise ", "Solar Energy Efficiency Leader Award", “Annual Marketing Team" etc. It also got the CQC “Leader” level certification issued by China Quality Certification Center. These outstanding performances are the best sure to LERRI Solar Company.

2015 had become the past, and 2016 has arrived. In the future days, LERRI Solar Company will continue to uphold the efficient mono crystalline route, to respond positively to the National 13th Five Year Plan, continue to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cell and module output power, improve the unit capacity in the hope that the component's costs can be significantly reduced by promoting the batteries’ conversion efficiency within the 3 years so as to realize the significantly reduce of the electricity cost. The strategic target of the LERRI Solar is to realize photovoltaic power generation cost in 0.3 yuan/KWH with in the 5 to 10 years, let people enjoy blue sky and white clouds by using less cost. This goal has become a plan of action of LERRI Solar Company, and practiced step by step.

From: China Environment News