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Dupont Reach a Consensus with LERRI, the Perfect Cooperation under the Value of “High Efficiency and High Reliability”

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The photovoltaic industry has experienced ups and downs for decades, particularly in the past two years. It changes too fast so that it is difficult make a conclusion. It is not easy to have an admired and praised partner in this industry, but DuPont and LERRI is the real existence of such partnership. Since the strategic cooperation has been signed last October, the two sides established comprehensive cooperation in the fields of technology, products, marketing, and customer development, which all achieved excellent results.

DuPont is having talks with LERRI Solar

Yesterday (March 15th), Global CEO of DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Chengzeng Xu and other 5 people came to ancient city Xi'an and met Baoshen Zhong, who is the Chairman of the LONGi Shares and Executive Director of the LERRI Solar and Wenxue Li, who is the Acting Executive Director of the LERRI Solar. The two sides carried out in-depth discussion about the previous year's pleasant cooperation and achievements and the next year's strategic plan.

Global CEO of DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, Chengzeng Xu

The Global CEO of DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Chengzeng Xu approves the previous year's pleasant cooperation and achievements. He said DuPont does not have much comprehensive partners. It is because the same technology and value orientation that both two sides are committed to long-term development and eager to contribute more value to customers that urges the two sides to cooperate with each other. The cooperation between the two sides can create a market environment that enterprises pay more attention to the quality of the products, and to let the customers pay more attention to the reliability and efficiency of the products.


The chairman of the LONGi Shares and Executive Director of the LERRI Sola, Baoshen Zhong

Baoshen Zhong also said that the DuPont and LERRI have the same values. DuPont's better, healthier and more security concept and attentions to the renewable energy, renewable materials and the importance of talent leads the two sides to strive for a direction of “high efficiency and high reliability". The purpose that LERRI adheres to the mono crystal technology route is to bring more efficient and reliable products and technology to customers and promote the industrial revolution.

It is based on the value of "high efficiency and high reliability" that the two sides can reach various consensus and work together to promote "high efficiency and high reliability" technology and products and promote the industry to reliable sustainable development. Baoshen Zhong said, for so many years, LONGi overcame different technical difficulties and sharply narrowed down the cost difference. Calculated from the system cost, the present construction cost of mono crystal is lower than that of the polycrystalline, and mono crystal is the cheapest technical program. In the long run, mono crystals have more advantages on cost, conversion efficiency, power generation, etc. Mono crystals are more in line with the customer's need and it gains the approval of DuPont. Under the support of DuPont, the products of LERRI Solar will develop in the direction of more efficient and more reliable.


The cooperation between DuPont and LERRI will continue. Both sides will work together to the goal of "high efficiency and high reliability". The two sides will jointly together to improve the quality of products, and develop the photovoltaic industry.