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How to Make the Leader Continued to Lead, LERRI Solar Cooking Wine Heroes with You

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Recently, the four bases planning of 2016 photovoltaic "leader" was exposure and efficient photovoltaic products has become the consensus and direction of the development of the industry, "photovoltaic leader" once again become a heated debate. The development of the distributed photovoltaic has also been concerned. Distributed photovoltaic develops rapidly and has become an important branch in this industry.

During the two sessions, "photovoltaic poverty alleviation" and "precision poverty" appeared at proposals many times, and many photovoltaic barons also put forward the solutions. With the change of efficient components, the construction of the inter-provincial transmission network, clean energy priority access to the Internet and the new policy orientation, especially the development of distributed photovoltaic, aroused the enthusiasm of the photovoltaic industry.

According to the 2015 National Energy Administration's data statistics, the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power in Guangdong province is 570 thousand kilowatts, which is the largest installed capacity area in China. By virtue of the advantages of regional resources and photovoltaic policies, Guangdong's photovoltaic industry achieved a rapid development, which set a good example for the development of the national photovoltaic industry. The distributed photovoltaic market of the southern six provinces which based on Guangzhou as the center has accounted for about 32.6% of the country's distributed photovoltaic market, and the development demand of the distributed photovoltaic in the future will continue to increase.


On the occasion of the New Year, Distributed Photovoltaic Forum of Guangdong Province which has been successfully held two sessions will usher in its third session. It aims to summarize the gain and the loss in the year of 2015, exploit future advanced technologies and business models, try best to band the financial institutions, analysis agencies, enterprises and people who all have close relations with photovoltaic industry together, discuss the future development direction of photovoltaic and promote the progress and development of photovoltaic industry.

LERRI Solar who is committed to being a leader in mono crystal components and providing reliable and efficient products for the global photovoltaic power station will actively participate in the development of photovoltaic. LERRI Solar will participate in the third session of the Guangdong Provincial Distributed Photovoltaic Forum and will have in-depth discussions with senior professional elite to discuss "how leader plans to promote the development of photovoltaic industry" and to offer a power to the healthy and rapid development of photovoltaic industry.

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