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Consul-General of the Consulate General Republic of the union of Myanmar in Kunming Visiting LONGi New Energy Headquarter

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On July 5, 2017, Mr. Soe Paing, Consul-General of the Consulate General of the Republic of Myanmar in Kunming (hereafter called Consul-General), started his two-day visit to Xi’an LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereafter called LONGi New Energy) in Xi’an.

Mr. Cao Wenjun, Deputy General Manager of LONGi New Energy, on behalf of LONGi extended warm welcome to the distinguished guests and held meetings with Mr. Soe Paing in the company headquarter. Mr. Cao Wenjun briefed the Consul-General about the development course, overseas marketing, and the photovoltaic power generation technology of LONGi New Energy and replied the questions from the guests. Mr. Cao Wenjun, deputy general manager, said Myanmar is the neighbor of China in the southwest, and both had a long and historical relationship. Many companies in China paid high attention to develop Myanmar market and LONGi New Energy also wanted to enter Myanmar market as soon as possible to provide the PV power solution to benefit the Myanmar people, such as household, distributed Photovoltaic power generation and others.

Mr. Soe Paing thanked LONGi New Energy for their warm welcome, encouraged LONGi New Energy to develop Myanmar market, and pointed out that the present power grid of Myanmar is not power enough to satisfy the electricity requirements of the people. , In Myanmar, many areas were in the shortage of electricity and even some area did not have electricity supply. It would benefit the people to provide power supply, resolve the electricity shortage and bring the brightness of local people by utilizing solar power. He praised LONGi New Energy for its focusing on Myanmar market. Meanwhile, he stated that he would prepare the special report regarding this visiting and submitted to the Ministry of Energy of Myanmar and other related ministries to promote the bilateral cooperation in the field of photovoltaic.


After the meeting, Mr. Soe Paing and his folks visited the Xi’an Western Textile Distributed PV Power Plant invested and built by LONGi New Energy. He sang highly of this outstanding project, stated that the scale, technology and construction left deep impression in his mind, and also expressed that he hopped the similar project could be built by LONGi in Myanmar in future.