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Celebrate LONGi new energy to become a member of the South Promotion Association

Release time:2017-08-17 Print Font size:TT

August 2, 2017 LONGi invited to join the New Energy Association of South-South cooperation, will become a member of the South to promote, contribute to the promotion of cooperation in economic, cultural, scientific and technological fields between China and developing countries.

South-South Cooperation Association (Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation , abbreviated: CPSSC) is the State Council approved the establishment of a national, joint, non-profit social organization with independent legal status, subject to the guidance and the Home Ministry of Foreign Affairs management Department supervision. South will promote to promote patriotism, and resolutely safeguard national interests and honor, and actively carry out public diplomacy to promote the various fields of politics, economy, culture, education, science and technology cooperation between China and developing countries for the purpose.

LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd., headquartered in Xi'an, China, is the world's largest manufacturer of mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaic products - LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (SH.601012), a wholly owned subsidiary, has excellent R & D capabilities, global leading Dan Jing photovoltaic system efficient, global service network and resource integration service capabilities. The company is committed to become the world's leading integrated solar energy service provider, the business has covered the distributed photovoltaic power plant investment, distributed photovoltaic energy systems and services, distributed photovoltaic intelligent micro-grid, energy Internet, system integration and optimization, and other fields, to provide customers with photovoltaic energy supply, conversion, distribution, and value-added services to optimize the entire process of the best comprehensive energy service solutions.

Believe that will join the Southern promote, LONGi New Energy Co., Ltd. will play to their industrial advantages, make unremitting efforts to promote long-term development of the South will, for the cooperation between China and developing countries a stone.