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LERRI Solar support the poor in the rural area and help villagers to realize Chinese dream

Release time:2016-03-21 Print Font size:TT

Recently, Guangdong LERRI Solar Poverty-supporting project on Xinzhong Village of Yunfu City was formally started. Together with Poverty-supporting office of Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, scientific technology bureau and Xinzhong Village committee,LERRI Solar held the starting ceremony. As the new mode of poverty-supporting work, the solar poverty-supporting opened the new pattern gradually. The both parties select the targets accurately through further detailed solar poverty-supporting measures; promote the all poverty-supporting work of local area in order.   

Secretary of Xinzhong Village Committee receives the poverty-supporting donation of Guangdong LERRI Solar 


Solar poverty-supporting is one of accurate poverty-supporting project and it integrates the solar application into the accurate poverty supporting, which increases the income of depressed area, improves the living standards of poverty-stricken population and have considerable social benefits. The Chief Yang of Yunfu Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office said: “solar poverty-supporting” is the accurate poverty-supporting mode conforming to the requirements of Yunfu city, meanwhile it also meet the key poverty-supporting orientation of the country. Making full use of rich solar resources advantages of poverty-stricken area, through installing high efficient single crystal distributed solar power station, the solar power generation project can change the solar energy into electricity energy. Through selling electricity, it can obtain 25 years’stable benefits. Solar poverty-supporting project realizes effective integration of poverty-supporting development, new energy utilization and energy conservation and emission reduction. It does not only promote the deep development of poverty-supporting development work, but also speed up the construction step of energy conservation and emission reduction. Solar poverty-supporting project aims at poverty-stricken village, poverty-stricken family and population. It is planned to exploit a new road for poverty-alleviation and speed up the overcoming of poverty and realize rural Chinese dream.