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LERRI Solar Assists Yuchantai and Thousand Years ‘Ancient Temple Uses New Energy

Release time:2016-03-21 Print Font size:TT

On October 30, 2015, 5kW distributed solar power station of Yuchantai Taoist Temple (Liuhai Temple) was completed successfully. Since then the thousand years’ ancient temple began to use new energy.

Yuchantai Liu Hai temple initially started Song Dynasty, which experienced four dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing. It used to be the place where Liu Hai Master cultivate himself according to religious doctrine. In the cultural revolutionary period, houses of the temple were dismantled. In 2006, Longmen school of Religion Quan resided in the temple and he led his followers to restore to the Liu Hai Temple. Now, there are green trees in the temple and the ground is paved with blue bricks. Rows of white buildings with Taoism style looks old-timey. 

Walking by the magnific simple gate, through a quiet corridor, you will find 18 pieces of azure blue optical battery board in high efficient working on the awning of the wing-room at southeast angle. The sunshine is changed into inexhaustible electricity and is transmitted to the power grid. This 5kW distributed power station adopts the latest single crystal high efficient battery board of LERRI Solar, which only occupies an area of about 20 and the service life can reach over 25 years. It adopts full amount entering grid mode, it can generate power of about 5600kWh a year it can accumulate power generation of 140000kWh, create fortune of about 5600 Yuan a year and 140000 Yuan in 14 years.  

As the Taoist temple existing over one thousand years, it started to use new energy initially. The chief Huang of Yuchantai Temple sang his praises of the distributed system of LERRI Solar, besides its long service life, later simple maintenance, beautiful appearance; it can integrate with the whole temple and create a scenic spot. The one-stop service gives the Taoist Huang a deep impression. The company provides the whole flow service from early stage consulting, purchase of solar power station system, project development, customized design, engineering construction, grid integration, subsidy application assistance etc. which make the customers have no trouble back at home. 

In the evening, the evening glow is on the solar battery board and is reflected to the sky of the Taoist temple, which makes the whole Taoist temple more magnificent, quieter and auspicious.