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Corporate Culture
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LERRI Solar Energy

  • Corporate Mission

    Utilizing solar energy, building a Green World

    Corporate Positioning

    Efficient mono-crystalline photovoltaic system, "one-stop" service specialist

    Corporate Value

    Leading in products and services, satisfying customers' demand for the optimum investment income

  • Core Values
    Reliable, Value-added, Delighted Reliable

    To provide reliable products and services; to be a reliable company for customers, staff, and other stakeholders; to be a reliable person.


    To create highly cost-effective products and high value-added services for customers; to bring continuous growth to staff; to create values for other stakeholders constantly.


    To care about customers' feelings, get along with customers in humble, respectful, friendly, and cooperative attitudes; to respect staff, pay attention to sharing and communication, and commit to creating a trustful and inclusive "LONGi Family" atmosphere; to respect and be honest and friendly to stakeholders.